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Synopsis: Anderson is a middle aged Brazilian who has cerebral palsy. He was invited to make a short film and only accepted if it wouldn't be a drama. He counts on his brother's friendship and his football team's passion to reach that goal.

a 'Relógio Quebrado' film

Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer: Rodrigo Meireles

Script: Anderson Henrique/Rodrigo Meireles

Sound Editing and Soundtrack: Márcio Zaum

Starring: Anderson Henrique, Guilherme Augusto, Mirian Barreto

    Rodrigo Meireles


    Rodrigo Rezende Meireles is 30 years old, graduated in Cinema and Video at Centro

    Universitário UNA (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil). He has worked in a few brazilians independent movies as assistant of photography, still photographer, making of, producer assistant, etc. He was cameraman in a feature-lenght sport documentary "O dia do Galo" (directed by Cris Azzi and Luis Felipe Fernandes). Director of Photography in the fictional short "Famílias" (directed by Joffre Faria). "João Batista" (John the Baptist, 2015), his first short film as a producer/director had a good career in festivals around the world receiving ten awards. The short "Anderson" is his second work as producer/director.

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